The Other Half (Final Episode)

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‘Don’t worry Mr. Vikram. Her test reports are all normal. Please follow what I advised you earlier. And please try to get some time out especially for her. I recommend a vacation. Maya will enjoy,’ said the Doctor.

‘Thank you Doc. One thing. Can it happen again?’ asked Vikram worriedly.

‘Just follow what I said. Everything will be alright.’

Vikram looked unimpressed and left the chamber with Maya.

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Whenever Vikram comes to Goa, he prefers this resort. A bit lonelier place with a calm sea beach expanding inside the property. He loves spending time in the swimming pool by putting his laptop on the edge of it. But this time, there is no laptop or office work. It’s all about Maya.

‘Hukum kijiye Lunch ke liye kya pesh kare. Banda hazir hai hamesha aap ke khidmaat mein,’ said Vikram by bending down on his knees and stretching the hands towards Maya holding a menu card.

‘Mmm… Lemme think. How about a….’

Maya’s wish halted by a sudden ring on Vikram’s phone.

‘Hello!…….. What’s up?………What!….One minute.’ Vikram held the phone in hand and asked Maya to wait for few minutes until he comes back. Saying this he went to the corridor outside the room. Maya gave a suspicious look.

Vikram looked disgusted and angry. Maya couldn’t hear his voice but frowned after looking at him by opening the door a little. He seems to be exchanging rough words with someone by standing near the staircase at a distance.

She came inside and stood near the window. The pool can be seen very clearly from here. A person is reading a book and a lady is getting prepared to take a dip in the pool.

Vikram came back and asked Maya harshly, ‘Won’t you come for lunch?’

Maya looked at Vikram and asked in a very low and husky tone, ‘Was that Niharika?’.

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‘Believe me; I can’t live without you for a single moment. So I came here without informing you. This is high time. Let’s go and meet Maya and tell everything to her if you don’t have guts to do the same,’ said Niharika by holding Vikram’s hand.

Vikram released his hand and slapped her hard. Before she realizes something, he shook her and shouted, ‘Come to your senses!’

Vikram pushed her in anger and stormed out of the room.

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Maya threw her top at the floor and hugged Vikram on bed passionately. She unbuttoned his shirt and threw it in same manner. The colour of the twilight coming through a small gap of the balcony curtain is directly falling on the bed and made them look like two souls craving for lust since years.

After a long smooch, Maya raised her head by sitting on top of Vikram and became numb suddenly. Vikram shook her. ‘What happened Maya? What are you looking at?’

After a small pause, Maya started sniffing by looking at all corners of the room.

‘I can smell an unknown ladies perfume here. Is someone else in our room?’ said Maya with scared eyes and shifted her vision towards Vikram. ‘Is Niharika here?’

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‘Sanjay, how long can I carry on like this. You are our common friend. Allow him to take a permanent transfer to Noida branch. We’ll get rid of her,’ said Maya in a single breath.

‘That’s impossible. This office needs Vikram. And please don’t involve me in this. They are colleagues. Don’t you think you should stop suspecting them as well?’ replied Sanjay.

‘Nooo! Hell Nooooo!’

‘Okay. Come, sit beside me, I’ll try to give you a way out.’

Maya sat in the same sofa and Sanjay came close to her.

‘Vikram and Niharika are already screwed up with their delivery deadlines to be met on time. Don’t add more to their woes. Above all, Vikram’s career is controlled by me. So, I suggest you to leave them alone. And if you don’t mind, I can help you to come out of this,’ saying this Sanjay grabbed her hand tightly.

Maya got up in anger and gave a dirty look to Sanjay.

‘I’ll handle my own situation. Tell your friend to be prepared for this.’

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‘Please wait there patiently. Maya Singhania’s session is in progress. I’ll announce your name,’ said the secretary.

He looked at the aged couple sitting opposite to him and grabbing some stamped papers on their hands. “What made them take such decision so late in their life,” thinks Vikram by getting acquainted with several proceedings in a Family Court.

‘Mr. Vikram Singhania. Please go inside.’

Vikram was looking down the floor nonchalantly. The announcement stirred him up. The door opened and Maya came outside. She sat at the far corner and avoided looking towards him.

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‘Mr. Vikram. Please have your seat and make yourself comfortable. Thanks for your time to attend this counselling session. I’m looking at your case and heard everything from Maya’s perspective,’ said the Divorce Lawyer in a very clear and confident voice.

‘It apparently seems that she is in big trouble because of you. The case is very common. So I have a suggestion for you’.

Vikram kept looking at him with puzzled vision.

The Lawyer continued, ‘Normally, we give a second chance to both the petitioner and defendant to sit along in a common session to see if amicable settlement can be reached. But, before that, I’ll give you a personal advice. Why don’t you take Maya to meet Niharika in person? You’ll be able to clear things out in an easy and straight forward way. Give it a try!’

After clearing his throat Vikram said in a low voice, ‘Actually, it’s impossible! Maya’s Doctor gave me a strict order to treat both of them separately. He warned us that if anytime Maya meets Niharika, it would be impossible to bring Maya back in her normal senses again.’

‘If experience matters a bit, then take my words that you’ll be able to convince her to withdraw the petition. Keep trust on me,’ said the Lawyer. ‘Let me mediate this. Can you bring Niharika alone to my chamber then?

Vikram paused for a moment and let out a big sigh and said, ‘You just met Maya, right?’


‘So you’ve already met Niharika too…..’


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Author: Anirban Ghosh & Arijit Ganguly

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