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We accepted the transition from 5 day test match to 50 overs one day and then finally the quickie T20. Who has the time now to read 300 pages novel when we can quickly read a short story? Each and every minute of our life is precious man! Who would like to waste that? Have a less popular movie in hard disc? No problem, we can watch it too… by clicking the mouse at every 1 inch gap in the VLC timeframe. Yes, we have seen Jism 2, Jackpot, Kya kehna, Murder 2 in this way only.. and believe me those were all hit in 15.6 inch screen! So, ultimately we like a shorter and quicker format of everything, be it entertainment or anything else.

Thus, the sensation nowadays is none other than “SHORT FILM”. You need big stars? Granted! Big directors? Granted! Film Fare Award Category? Granted! And what not?

Still, if you are reluctant to accept the fact that “SHORT FILMs are the new trend and within 2 years from now it’s going to be the mainstream one“, we have something for you. AnariMinds movie review team has selected top 25 hindi short films (ranked by youtube views) which you can directly watch here. Let us know how many you liked?


Rank #25


Makers: Filmykeeda Productions

Plot: The story is about two women, Raina and Shubha, their love for the same man, and how each of them, in their own respective fashion, deal with the grief of missing him. It is about celebrating life.

Specialty: The film, starring Huma Qureshi and Gauhar Khan, was shortlisted for Mumbai Filmfare Short Film Awards.



Rank #24


Makers: Humaramovie

Plot: What if Gandhiji were reincarnated in today?? day and age in India? With little in the form of charismatic leadership existing in the world, much less India, who would be able to resist following such a man? Reincarnation is the story of a common man, Siddhartha, who suddenly finds himself the center of a fast growing following, when news of his dream suggesting he is Gandhiji reborn, leaks out.

Specialty: Brilliant acting by common face Sumeet Raghavan and a really unexpected twist in end!


Rank #23


Makers: The Short Cuts

Plot: The story of a young man, a complete party animal and his strict, old fashioned landlady. It is also the story of an old woman, forgotten and forgetful, and her attempts to reconnect with a world obsessed with technology. It is the story of their bonding. The story of an unlikely but honest human connection in a world where even the most loved ones are viewed on a screen.

Specialty: Experience the versatility of Kamini Kaushal who won Filmfare Best Actress Award in 1955 for the movie Biraj Bahu. She also won 1946 Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival for her performance in Neecha Nagar.


Rank #22


Makers: Large Short Films

Plot: Akshat Verma’s modern take on the age old epic of Mahabharata. A 16 minutes hilarious short on the lives of Pandavas, Drauapadi and Kunti if they were to be in the 21st century.

Specialty: It’s basically Akshat having a lot of fun with the actors, who are, by the way, excellent in their roles, particularly, Aditi Rao Hydari, Arunoday Singh as Bhim (After Main Tera Hero and Mohenjo Daro, he seems to have mastered the dumb gym rat role), and Vivaan Shah and Jim Sarbh as Nakul and Sehdev. But the star of the film, definitely, is late Razak Khan, who plays Shakuni mama. God, to see him play Shakuni…if there’s one reason to devote sixteen minutes of your day to Mama’s Boys, this should be it.



Rank #21

Name: BAPU

Makers: Terribly Tiny Talkies

Plot: A picturesque slice of life drama – Bapu – tracks the journey of an apprentice postman turned good samaritan in the bylanes of present-day Kolkata, when he chances upon archived letters addressed to Mahatma Gandhi by a common man – a man who has been sending the same letter to the Mahatma for the last few years.

Specialty: A simple story but out of the world thinking of a postman.




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