Top 10 Bengali Short Films : Ready To Watch

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Still, if you are reluctant to accept the fact that “SHORT FILMs are the new trend and within 2 years from now it’s going to be the mainstream one“, we have something for you. AnariMinds movie review team has selected top 10 Bengali Short Films which you can directly watch here. Let us know how many you liked?


Rank #10

Name: The Third Eye

Makers: Pocket Films

Plot: The young daughter in law of the aristocratic household, defies tradition and norm to go ahead and follow her dreams of joining the design unit of a famous fashion designer. Her mother in law disapproves as she does not need money. But her husband supports her and she goes ahead to realize her dreams. in the background is the festival season of Bengal in India where the Female Power- ”DURGA’ is worshiped. The irony of a country where the goddess is worshiped yet there are obstacles for a woman at every step in spite of modernization

Specialty: Late Ananda Shankar and Tanushree Shankar’s daughter Sreenanda‘s debut venture. Directed by Modhurima Sinha.



Rank #9

Name: Queen’s Gambit

Makers: Crescendo Films & Music Production

Plot: One night, two strangers and a deadly game of Chess. As the night gets darker, mysterious secrets starts to emerge, leading to a spine chilling climax.

Specialty: Well known face Dipankar Dey and Rahul. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal.



Rank #8

Name: Check-Mate

Makers: Pocket Films

Plot: At a remote village when an old, workaholic Postman, who is not usually concerned about his family, comes across Death, is given any one of the two options to choose before he dies. He may either meet his ailing wife at home or deliver two very urgent letters.

Specialty: Veteran Falguni Chatterjee’s brilliant performance. Directed by Sanjiban Nath.



Rank #7

Name: Sudarshini

Makers: Humaramovie

Plot: The concept of finding a fair skinned wife is deeply ingrained in the mind-set of every marriageable Indian man and his parents. A mere glance at the regular matrimonial advertisements in newspapers’ classifieds and online websites reveals it all.This obsession with fair skin doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. It is so far ingrained in our society that it has now become a subconscious part of our psyche. The film portrays the agony of a woman who’s been rejected based on the color of her skin.

Specialty: Do you remember Byomkesh’s love interest Leela from Bollywood movie “Detective Byomkesh Bakshi”? Moumita Chakraborty is also a very popular face in Bengali mega serial circuit. It’s her directorial debut.



Rank #6

Name: Naamkaran

Makers: Rhizome Films

Plot: What’s in a name! Yes, it matters.

Specialty: Directed by Konkona Sensharma.


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