10 Most Brilliantly Made Thriller Movies Which You Missed

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Suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation are cherished by all of us, while watching a great thriller movie. And if it successfully delivers a great twist in the end, then that makes our day.

We bring you the list of most exotic thrillers from around the world created with great concept, but somehow it went unnoticed by most of the people and these movies didn’t gain the popularity that they deserved.

#10 Thesis (1996, Spanish)

As a young film student in Madrid, Ángela decided to write about the violence and gore shown in movies. During the research, she and her partner Chema, found a snuff movie in which a young girl is being tortured and killed. Soon they discover that the girl belonged to their school….watch the movie to find out what happens next.

The debutante Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar starts the movie brilliantly (with a magnificent mix of music and images) and it develops into a beautifully crafted thriller. The actors did a marvelous job, specially Ana Torrent as Ángela and Fele Martínez as Chema. This movie delves deep into people’s fascination with violence and death, making it disturbing, terrifying and intelligent. At times you’ll find it a bit slow, but some moments will definitely leave a mark on you. Using phenomenal tracking shots, cross-referenced POV and suspenseful tension to maximum effect, he and his cast convert what could have been a hack DePalma style Hitchcock rip-off into art.


#9 Shubho Mahurat (2003, Bengali)

Rituporno Ghosh, a critically acclaimed and immensely talented director of Indian Cinema, crafted this beautiful piece of thriller with a great script, super talented cast, and  a remarkable way of storytelling riveting till the very last minute. Based on Agatha Christie’s novel, “The Mirror Crack’d from side to side”, the director did an extraordinary job to carve out a screenplay depicting an Indian situation. The plot has many interconnected characters, moving in parallel with each other to solve the murder mystery.  It would be a spoiler to summarize the story a bit. I bet most of the worldwide movie viewers haven’t seen this movie yet, so why wait, just go and check it out fast.


#8 Tell No One (2006, French)

Eight years ago she was murdered and today she emailed her husband, stating she is alive. And he is the prime suspect. The rest is a gripping French thriller directed by Guillaume Canet, which will keep you hooked till the end. As the protagonist starts to dig deeper and deeper to try and uncover the truth, you are with him all the way discovering things as he does and when the whole thing finally unfolds it really is quite breathtaking. This film for me had everything, a brilliant script, a seasoned cast, twists and turns, great background score with songs of U2 (“Bad”, “With or without you”), stunning cinematography, complex subplots that never once get too confusing. It truly is one of the most enjoyable and intelligent films you’ve seen for a long time. Based on the famous novel by Harlan Coben, the movie surely is underrated worldwide.


#7 Thegidi (2014, Tamil)

Well, what’s the elements of a perfect thriller movie? Mostly it is who the murderer is and what the motive of the murderer is. This highly underrated Tamil thriller, written and directed by P. Ramesh has depicted these two things wonderfully.  Trust me, you won’t be able to guess the motive right because it is fresh and unique in its nature and can happen in anyone’s life!

Thegidi begins with the protagonist Vetri, who after studying criminology, joins a detective firm in Chennai. He falls for his new subject Madhu, but suddenly realizes that she is in danger and now a series of killings get triggered. The movie although has an open ending (again the clue was there to be seized by a keen observer) making room for an intriguing sequel.


#6 Montage (2013, South Korean)

How can there be a list of thrillers, without a Korean movie? So here comes a superbly built, edge of the seat Korean thriller, Montage, which is highly underrated among the most outstanding and famous Korean revenge movies like The Raid Redemption, Oldboy, etc. 15 years ago, a child was kidnapped and murdered, the case remains unsolved and is going to get closed in few days, when suddenly another child got kidnapped in a similar way. Is this the same kidnapper or is there a connection with the past incident? The mother of the murdered child won’t let it go unsolved this time. The movie is fast paced, have great plot twists, and will make you wreck your brain till the very end.



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