So you are super curious to know about us! Thanks for your inquisitiveness. Now it’s time for you to suffer!

Hey, wait, just “kidding”. Yes, this is what we do!


It Happened One Night:

When a quick brown British fox jumped over a lazy Indian dog, then both were diagnosed with Olfactorius Giganticus* syndrome and Anari Minds were born!


True Lies:

There is a psychological barrier between what we THINK & what we express. We are here to ROAST that “barrier” and prepare witty and naked dishes for you to EAT.


The Mentalist:

*Olfactorius Giganticus is a rare disease of olfactory lobe of brain, in which the sniffing ability increases, so people poke their nose everywhere.


The Usual Suspects:

Anirban Ghosh | Arijit Ganguly | Snigdha Susmita Sahoo | Shantanu Das | Ananda Mazumdar


Where Hope Grows:

It’s a good habit to visit the human colonies often for food. Thanks to all who got associated with us. Selfless attitudes are appreciated by animals only.

Subhra Raha | Soumik Sarkar | Samali Das Chakraborty | Kathakali Mukherjee Dutta | Arundhati Ray | Chhandak Chakraborty | Rishi Panja | Saheli Banerjee | Deblina Chowdhury | Swadesh Manna | Oindrila Ganguly | Souparna Dutta | Sangita Das | Prapti Chatterjee


The Social Network:

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You’ve Got Mail:





Pay It Forward:

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