10 Freshly Baked Advertising Ideas Free To Be Stolen (Part 1)

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“Doing business without Advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.”

– Stuart H. Britt

Creativity is an Advertising Agency’s most valuable asset, because it is the rarest. Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.

A friend of us challenged us to play with this form of art once in our blog. So, here it is!

If you like it, then please don’t buy the products. We don’t sell those!

Ad Idea ~ 1:

Man taking public transport
Image Source: 123rf.com

Scene 1:

A semi crowded bus. Two men are standing side by side. Both dressed in formal. One is wearing white shirt, another yellow. Bus is waiting in a traffic signal. It turns green. Bus starts. Suddenly the yellow one snatched the money purse from the back pocket of the white one and quickly jumped from the bus and ran away.

All start shouting, ‘Chor, Chor….. Chor, Pocketmar…..’ by pointing towards the door.

 Scene 1.A:

White man’s face can be seen. Utterly shocked, but no movement or reaction. People are looking at him surprised and asking, ‘Dada, why didn’t you run after him?’ He seems to be spellbound by what has just happened.

 Scene 2:

Yellow shirted man entered the narrow lane beside main road. He took out the purse he just snatched and opened it. He looks at the photo and gets stunned.

 Scene 3:

The white man gets off the bus and starts walking slowly. In the next turn, 2 people came running towards him from behind to join him. One asked, ‘Yaar, how was it today?’ Another added, ‘Show us what you got today. Why are you so sad? Did you get caught?


Tagline: Choro ke ghar bhi aate hai chor

Product: Godrez Safe Locks. Kabhi bhi raid padh sakti hai!


Ad Idea ~ 2:

Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Scene 1:

A zoo. Children are gathering near the glass covered cave of the “King of Jungle”. A kid points towards it and says, ‘Look dad, a lioness!

The cave attendant was standing nearby. He tells the kid, ‘Boy, it’s a lion, not lioness.

Kid is adamant and replies him, ‘No. I’ve seen lion before. They have long and prominent mane.

The attendant bends on his knees and says, ‘It’s a lion my dear. There’s a story behind it. Wanna know?

 Scene 2:

A lonely wooden bungalow in the middle of a dense forest. There lives a man. He woke up early in the morning and entered the washroom. Opening the cabinet, he took out a razor and shaving cream and looked at the mirror and got a shock! He can see a big lion is standing outside the loose door of the washroom and looking towards him.

After a minute, the lion starts pushing the door with full power and it seems a matter of time before the door breaks. The man threw his shaving cream to the floor and grabbed the razor in hand and waited for the lion to attack.

The door falls and the lion attacks him.

 Scene 1.A:

That’s the story my boy’, says the zoo keeper and points towards the animal. ‘This is the same lion.


Tagline: Do not dwell on fantasy. We shave in reality.

Product: Gilette Mach 7 Razor


Ad Idea ~ 3:

Image Source: thenational.ae

Scene 1:

Ladies seat of a public bus. Two aged women made their way by pushing and shoving several passengers on the way to get to the seat. 2 men are sitting there. Older woman looked at them with big eyes and they quickly surrendered the seat. Both the women sat there.

After a while, the older woman tells the other in a much audible voice, ‘Tough season. Winter transfer window won’t do any good to this bullshit squad. Champions league hope is gone.’ Other one replies back, ‘Exactly. Ronaldo is the actual spoilsport. It was a horrible display yesterday.

People standing near the seat are listening to them but not bothered about what the 2 old women are discussing loudly.

Scene 2:

Ball crosses half line. Winger is dribbling the defender in front of him and passes the ball to the striker. He receives it in the 6 yards box and by nutmegging the last defender, he takes a powerful shot towards the goal, but it’s the goalkeeper’s safe hands which grab the ball so skilfully.

Commentator shouts, ‘What a save!

Referee comes running towards the goalpost by pointing towards the penalty spot and blows whistle to confirm the same. It’s a penalty!

Players from both the teams look calm.

Striker puts the ball in the penalty spot and comes 4 steps behind to take the stance. Referee signals and striker runs forward to take a banging shot and the goalkeeper misses that. The ball enters the post and tears the net.

Commentator shouts, ‘Gooooaaallllllll!!!

But the Referee signals for a goal kick.

Players look unsurprised.


Tagline: Tired of daily surprises and offers?

Product: Try FlipZone.com. Guaranteed and real surprises every hour. Only from app.


Ad Idea ~ 4:

Image Source: india.blogs.nytimes.com

Scene 1:

Signal turns red. A car violates the signal and crosses the road only to face the traffic police signalling it to stop at a side of the road. The police seems younger in age with tough stature. He comes near the car and asks the driver to lower the black glass.

The glass comes down and a lady sticks her head out of the driver’s window. Age seems 25. Fair complexion with straight hair, sunglasses on.

The police lost his senses for a moment by looking at her and by checking himself quickly, he asks, ‘License please!

Scene 1.A:

A Royal Enfield was passing through the other side of the road. A very senior traffic sergeant with dark complexion and greedy eyes. He stops by looking at the car and the lady from distance. He takes the shortcut and comes near the car and gets down from the bike and orders the junior, ‘What happened? Go there and control the signal. Let me handle this.’ By staring at her for a moment and examining her looks, he says, ‘Yes Ma’m, your license?

The back door of the car opens and comes out a woman. She is in her 50s with anger in her eyes. ‘Tina, close the glass. Let me handle this.


Tagline: Someone is always waiting for you somewhere.

Product: ApniShaadi.com. Where compatibility matters!


Ad Idea ~ 5:

Image Source: northernnatalcourier.co.za

Scene 1:

7 AM.

Alarm clock rings. Suhel is still sleeping. Clock goes off after final snooze. Suhel opens his sleepy eyes somehow; looks at the bedside window. A bright daylight is something he craved for a long time. He wakes up, gets off the bed and comes out of the bedroom and closes the door.

Scene 1.A:

Suhel is standing in front of the mirror and brushing his teeth carefully. He splashes water several times on his face before the toaster from the kitchen makes the pop up sound. He takes the towel and rubs it on his face and then by pinning it again behind the door, he comes out of the washroom.

Scene 1.B:

Suhel is having breakfast by holding the morning newspaper in one hand. He sips the tea and looks at the wall clock. 7:42 AM. He needs to be ready for office quickly.

Suhel gets up from the chair and before going to the drawing room, he stops for a moment and comes back. He opens the bedroom door slowly and through the small gap he discovers that…

Suhel is still sleeping!


Tagline: Don’t dream your life, live your dreams.

Product: DreamOn Mattresses


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PS: The above Ad Ideas have no copyright limitations. You are free to steal these ideas and give them shape in audio-visual mode. We won’t mind at all. No really, we mean it!

Product names used in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real products, popular or unknown, is purely coincidental.


Author: Arijit Ganguly

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