10 Freshly Baked Advertising Ideas Free To Be Stolen (Part 2)

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“Advertising is the art of making whole lies out of half truths.”

– Edgar A. Shoaff

Yes, we did a great business last time and our revenue crossed all limits though we didn’t sell anything from this site. As a profit sharing plan, we are back again with the remaining ideas.

Lights are all switched off. Everyone is sleeping. No close circuit cam. No burglar alarm.

Come steal the ideas!

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Ad Idea ~ 6:

Image Source: gettyimages.com

Scene 1:

The night is dark and chilling cold outside. Sudeep enters the lift and presses 37, the top floor.

It took 7 minutes when he reached the roof of the apartment. He closes the door carefully and comes to the roof so that nobody can see him. It’s totally vacant. Sudeep approaches the railing and looks below. He seems to feel dizzy while observing the height. A mix of tension is arising in his stomach catalysed by the chilling weather.

He pulls the zip of the jacket till his neck and looks at both his sides to check the clearance.

Sudeep climbs the roof railing slowly. Somehow he manages to stand on it and looks below. Sweat starts dropping from his forehead in this cold. He knows he should do it. This is the only way to forget all his pain. But, something is stopping him from doing it. He takes the stance and is about to jump but again stops in fear.

‘Scared of height, huh?’

Startled, Sudeep manages to stand firm at his position, and truns back to look behind to find a tall man, aged almost 40, is standing near the railing. He starts fumbling and becomes unable to reply to his question. “Where did he come from? I’m pretty sure I locked the door!” thought Sudeep.

Seems like you don’t have experience before, right?’ tells the man to Sudeep. ‘Look it’s very easy. Make yourself very clear. One shot. And it’s over. Follow me. I’ve done it before,’ saying this the man climbs the railing and stands beside Sudeep, who is looking at the man with scary eyes. Before Sudeep says anything, the man jumps from the railing.

Sudeep is speechless and shocked and quickly gets down from the railing trying to digest what he just saw. He looks at his left with fear. No one is there. He looks at his right.

The same man is standing and smiling at Sudeep. ‘Go try yourself now. Can’t show more than once.

Sudeep faints.


Tagline: Panic attack can occur anytime or anywhere.

Company: Lifeline Heart Research Centre.

End Tagline: Priority is YOU. Anytime or Anywhere.


Ad Idea ~ 7:

Image Source: india.com

Scene 1:

Pawan is driving the car. Shruti is sitting beside him. A song is being played in the music system, “Pyar ki raahon mein chalna seekh, Ishq ki chah mein jalna seekh…”

Car is in motion. Pawan keeps looking at a lady walking by the left side of the road. Car crosses her and Shruti gets the hint of what Pawan was doing just now. Shruti looks back to check the lady and then behaves normal.

Scene 1.A:

Pawan finds another lady at the roadside and he starts staring at her while driving. The car is about to go past her and Pawan rotates his head accordingly to only face Shruti looking towards him with disgustful eyes.

What’s the matter, Pawan?’

‘Huh! Nope.. Nothing! I was just looking for the Sultan’s Plaza where we’ll have our lunch now.’

Pawan’s mobile rings for 3rd time and he quickly rejects it.

Shruti: ‘Take the call. Why are you avoiding that? Who’s it?

Pawan: ‘Leave it. That’s from office. I won’t let them ruin this moment, Sweetheart!’

Scene 1.B:

Car is parked near Sultan’s Plaza. Shruti is busy with her makeup at the dining table. Pawan is in the washroom. He is washing both his hands by holding the mobile to his right ear supported by one shoulder.

‘Listen…. Arey listen Anjali. I was driving then……. And one more thing. I’ll be late tonight. Don’t wait for me. I’ll call you once I reach…. Love you sweetheart!’


Tagline: Men will be men.

Product: Seagraam’s Imperial Red Music CDs


Ad Idea ~ 8:

Image Source: fancycribs.com

Scene 1:

Varun pulls her in bed and starts undressing her. She takes off his shirt and throws it in a corner. Varun grabs her tightly and kisses her with passion. Extreme point is near and Varun pulls her innerwear straps and tears it.

She gets a sudden shock and slaps him hard. ‘That was my only “Victoria’s Secret”!’

Scene 2:

One day later.

She is on top tonight and cuddling Varun with great passion. He is enjoying by closing his eyes and feeling all sensation of the moment. ‘Love you Varun! Love you so much,’ she says by covering his face by her silky hair. Varun replies back from same position, ‘Love you Neha. You’re my life’.

Varun feels a sudden pause in the foreplay and opens his eyes only to get slapped again. ‘Who the hell is this Neha?’ she asks.

Scene 3:

‘Oye Varun, come, sit yaar. You are trending nowadays. For all wrong reasons. Hahaha.’

‘What happened? What you guys are talking about?’ asks Varun.

‘Koi nehi yaar. Bas bata yeh Neha kaun hai…. Ahahahahaha,’ all his friends start laughing by rolling on the floor. ‘And did you let her meet Victoria too?’ says another one from behind and all joins him with bigger cheer. Varun’s face turns red.

‘How the fuck did you get to know all this?’ shouts Varun to his maximum pitch.


Tagline: What goes inside, stays inside.

Product: Moodex Condom. Keep it secret. Always.


Ad Idea ~ 9

Image Source: thestohs.wordpress.com

Scene 1:

‘No darling, I’ll be late today as well. Lots of work,’ says Ruchi and disconnects the call.

Scene 1.A:

Ruchi’s work is over before time and she leaves office early in the evening. She reaches home and discovers that the door is locked from inside. Being surprised, she pressed the doorbell.

2 minutes gone. Nobody opened the door. She rings the bell once again thinking, “How Mikesh came early when he said that he will spend tonight in office!

The door opens.

Ruchi shockingly looks towards the man wearing Bermuda and a sleeveless t-shirt holding a beer can in one hand.

‘Aah, Bhavi Ji.. Come come!’ he says as he opens the door wide.

Ruchi enters the room only to find 5 such men are sitting or lying in the sofa watching a football match with empty beer cans rolling on the floor.

Before she questions, a man sitting on the arm-rest, ‘Mikesh is inside the room. Very tired.’

Scene 1.B:

Ruchi enters the room. Mikesh is lying in bed. His eyes are closed. Background music starts playing, “Pyar ki raahon me chalna seekh, Ishq ki chah mein jalna seekh.”

‘What happened Mikesh? And what are these guys doing outside? ’ asks Ruchi.

Migraine pain Ruchi. Can’t talk at all. Please let me sleep for another 20 minutes,’ utters Mikesh.

Ruchi leaves the room with disgust and enters her own room before shutting the door.

Scene 1.C:

Yes I’m connected in hangout now. Focus the cam towards the screen,’ whispers Mikesh by holding the phone near his mouth. ‘And yes, don’t shout. Ask Maddy to move his ass a bit, covering the screen. Yes, that’s cool. Any of you don’t come to my room. Ah, ask Sitesh to quickly go downstairs and give the security guard a 50 Rs note and a cigarette. He did a great job!


Tagline: Men will always be men.

Product: Seagraam’s Imperial Red Music CDs


Ad Idea ~ 10

Image Source: richmanramblings.blogspot.com

Scene 1:

A summer day. A close view of few papers and dry tree leaves scattered all over the lawn of a house. Suddenly one of the papers catches fire on one of its corners.

Scene 1.A:

A water tap beside the lawn. It’s open but only making false airy sounds, not a single drop of water coming out of it. A squirrel is looking at it by raising his head with great expectation.

Scene 1.B:

A wind direction meter is fixed on its axis and not rotating a bit. A part of the arrow below the big hen is melted.

Scene 1.C:

A person enters the house. Putting his umbrella and shoes in a corner, he sits on the sofa beside an aquarium full of tropical fishes. All the fishes quickly come towards the corner facing the man.

He notices this sudden uncanny behaviour of the fishes and he gets up to go to the other side of the aquarium and the fishes follow him.

He looks at the floor and observes 4-5 lines of ants and other tiny insects are coming towards him from all directions. He quickly shifts his position, but ants change their positions towards him too quickly. 4 lizards join them and are approaching him slowly.

The man gets scared and moves towards the large bird’s cage. Surprisingly all the birds flocked together in the side of where the man is standing.

Fear grips the man’s eyes.


Tagline: If they’ve found their Noah in you, then it’s very alarming!

Product: Green World Movement.

End tagline: Stop Global Warming. Act wisely! Make yourself counted.


PS: As already mentioned last time, the above Ad Ideas have no copyright limitations. You are free to steal these ideas and give them shape in audio-visual mode. We won’t mind at all. No really, we mean it!

Product names used in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real products, popular or unknown, is purely coincidental.

If you’ve enjoyed the article, then please share it. Free ads are always enjoyable!


Author: Arijit Ganguly

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