Where The Dead Still Stare At You

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You must have heard of Tantrics who would keep human skeletons to themselves, claiming that the dead soul would help them in reaching the eternity. But what if we tell you that there is a Christian chapel ornately decorated with 40,000 human skeletons? Yes, that place does exist on earth, and it is the Seldec Ossuary of Kutna Hora, a few miles away from Prague.


Roman catholic chapels worshiping human skeletons are not uncommon. There are two Crypts of the Capuchin monks in Rome and in Paris, but none of them is as beautifully decorated as this one, where different parts of human skeletons has created the whole alter, the candle holders, windows, and even a gigantic chandelier! But from where he artist gathered this enormous amount of human bones? There is a very interesting story behind it.



900 years ago a christian monk visited Golgotha in Jerusalem, where Jesus was said to be crucified. He scraped some soil from there and sprinkled that in a small cemetery just beside an unnamed church.




Suddenly that place became so famous because of the holy soil, that people around the Europe were willing to get buried in that cemetery. Eventually the burial ground started increasing in size and that yielded the bones needed to create the Ossuary.





Even today, if you want you can get yourself buried in there, but for being closer to the holy god you have to pay a small price, and that is 1200 Euros per year to the trust that is maintaining the church.


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As long as your successors will keep on paying the hefty amount each year, you will be resting in the holy soil, and if they get bored with the plan and stop paying for their great great grand father, your remains will be taken out and will be transferred into the graveyard maintained by local municipality, along with other common men.




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