10 Tips To Make The Most Of A Marriage Invitation – Don’t Miss The 7th one!

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Marriage is in the Air. Every alternate day I’m getting either phone call/ Whatsapp/ Scanned image copy of “Marriage Invitation” card from my near and not-so-near ones. Indian Marriage specially “Bangali Biye Baari” is something which is not a matter of One Evening. And during this 4-5 days period, the predominant thing which is counted is none other than the food.

People will always forget whether you got your suit sewed after standing in a 1.5 hour queue in front of Md. Ali tailor or you spent your weekends after your frantic schedule in office to roam around different alleys of the city to get the best in town designer Lehnga-choli for that evening of your life – So that you are being looked upon to!!

But trust me dude, apart from a handful of people in the entire list of invitees, no one gives a damn. All they have come is to eat like they have been starving for a week!!

What is your main objective to visit an invitation? If it’s something else than “Having food” then you are a frustrated unmarried, or you don’t have any teeth left, or you must be suffering from some mental or physical problem and should see a doctor. And to cosset that “open secret” intention of people, here goes my 10 thumb rules/reminders/tips you must summon up before visiting any marriage ceremony.















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What else?? Don’t think, Just eat!!!


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